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Today is the day….

     Today is finally the day that I begin my journey as a blogger.  I’m not sure I have the moxi or verve of some of the fine bloggers on the interweb, but I will make my mark and hopefully the audience will be captvated with the writings that will come.  My fear is that after a post or a thought, my presentation of this blog will have you the reader wondering how the hell you will get those ten minutes of your life back… 🙂 

     PROJECT : UNDERGROUND is the foundation of what’s to come, however my vision for the final home… or “house” is incomplete.  My hope for this site is to create a forum in which to share progressive idea’s and experiences with my friends and readers who happen to remove their shoes on this bloggers welcome mat.

     Here are a few of my early goals :  to review electronic music of past, present and future; chronicle the trails of events that make our community in Guelph; feature an expose on some of the visual artists, culinary artists, musical artists, etc…;  maybe post a few sets here and there for some audio stimuli; most of all to communicate through my writings and draw some emotion – good or bad – from you!

So I thank you in advance for stopping by!  I hope you will post, share, learn, teach, love, and stomp your feet while waving a stern finger as a result of this site!    Most of all… please respect the efforts and come along as the journey begins here.