Pépé Bradock & Grand Brûlé’s Choir, The – Burning Apr


If by definition, “art is to draw the emotion from others by way of presentation”, then Pepe Bradock has left us with his most illustrious piece in “Deep Burnt”. This track is just so beautiful in its composition, and lends itself to ANY Dj set, compilation, or a chill out sesh/ dinner party! The distinctive string hook is actually sampled from Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Little Sunflower’ – and to great effect… Follow the very simple drum pattern, with hypnotic filtered string samples, and the keyboard stabs that play peek-a-boo with you throughout….if only life was this uncomplicated!

What an incredibly versatile piece of music that can grab the attention of anyone, whether you are a head or just another captivated listener. This track is essential and IS one of the best tracks from the House genre over the last decade. A top 5 masterpiece.


2 Comments to “Pépé Bradock & Grand Brûlé’s Choir, The – Burning Apr”

  1. OMG take me back to 99

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