WestsideWax presents DECKNANIGANS v.2010 – A Fundraiser For Sukritham Home!

So it begins…

     Banding together brilliant minds and creative people in the hopes of building a vibrant event, that will be remembered for its soulful images, last forever through its music, and network our voices for the greater good of our souls.  We become soul-diers on a mission; planning, dedicating, training, unifying …. trading in our singular efforts for comradary, yet maintaining our individuality as we share and propagate idea’s.

The birth of a production comes from a place of consequence.  Be it in support of  triumph, support of a tragedy, a coming of age or a financial need… the grass-roots are important to someone, hence the care and integrity that will follow in pursuit of the late night escape.

I was recently reintroduced to a gentlemen named Ian Elliot.  He and his wife Tavia had decided to start a fundraiser for a charity based in Naduvannur India. Their friends Curtis and Renee spoke of a place where shelter was being provided to young abandoned women. A place known as Sukritham.  Here is an excerpt from Ian’s mail-out :

A while ago, Curtis and his wife Renee told us about a home for abandoned girls, located in the small town of Naduvannur, India, that they’d visited in their travels, and with which they subsequently became involved, devoting portions of the proceeds from their band Tiger Suit’s shows. We liked what we saw going on, and decided to see what we could do to lend a hand. Decknanigans #1 is just the beginning…

We’re actually going to hold two Decknanigans – this one in June, and another sometime in July. Both will serve as fundraisers for an actual, genuine, honest-to-goodness, invite-only rave (warehouse venue, quality sound, alcohol-free with a juice and smart-bar) to be held in August, for which we hope to fly up uber-zen Deep and Acid Techno can-opener-for-your-mind DJ ESP, a.k.a. Mr. Woody McBride, with the proceeds from the party going straight to Sukritham. Woody’s already agreed to generously discount his booking fee as part of his donation to the cause, now the rest is up to us!

At both parties, we’ll have ye olde glass jar set up by the DJ booth, with a suggested contribution of $10. And please, don’t sweat it if you can’t swing that much – any donation is greatly appreciated. And by appreciated, we mean that if you chip in, we’re going to discount your ticket price if you wish to attend the August party! It’s a win-win-win-win-win situation for all, and that’s the kind of winning we love!

A couple of quickie sidenotes:

– If you’re unable to attend a Decknanigans, but would still like to donate to Sukritham (and still get the discounted ticket price for August), we’re accepting donations via Paypal at siddhis-r-us@hotmail.com Just add a note letting us know if you’ll be coming to the August party.

– If for any odd reason the August party should not come to fruition, we will still donate the proceeds from both the June and July parties directly to Sukritham.

Now, as if we haven’t asked the known world of you already, we have one last request of our attendees. When the warehouse party scene sprung up in Toronto in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the DJ was an integral part of the night, but it was really the *people* who were the party. We feel that with the onset of the Cult of Mindless DJ Worship that a lot of the strange and silly spontaneity that accompanied the scene has been lost over the years. With that in mind, we encourage responsible expressions of everyday sanity, to counter the effects of an insane world – if you can safely breathe great balls-o-fire, unsafely juggle ping pong balls with your mouth or speed-knit a pair of mittens in under 15 minutes, Decknanigans would sure like to bear witness to it…bring your best game, or your best friend’s game if their game is more game than your game!

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed and been confused by The Story of Decknanigans. We’d love to see you in the next chapter.

The next chapter takes place on June 12th, 2010.  I will be there in hopes to interview Ian, Tavia, Curtis and Renee.  The gameplan is to further dig into the story of Sukritham, the showcase that is” Decknanigan’s”, and what the furutre holds for these good peeps.

Stayed tuned…


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