Bar-Kays – Injoy – Move Your Boogie Body

Memphis Tennessee was the birth place for the original members of the  powerful and innovative band – The Bar-Kays.  Releasing their fury by backing some of the industries finest at the world renowned STAX RECORDINGS COMPANY, the Bar-Kays reached at pivotal point in their young careers by signing to play with Otis Redding.  However, this success was cut short  as tragedy struck in 1967.  A plane crash claimed the lives of all of the band members except bassist James Alexander and trumpeter Ben Cauley.  Spiritually and emotionally, the Alexander and Cauley chose to forge ahead and re-create the Bar-Kays.

In 1976, the band signed with MERCURY RECORDS and began on a journey that would redefine FUNK for better than a half decade.  INJOY was the first Album to reach new heights with MOVE YOUR BOOGIE BODY paving the way on an LP full of iconic tracks!  sexy and powerful, the vocals almost demand you come correct and respect the rare groove that is this release.  With heavy baselines and a string section that trail blazes  throughout, the most identifiable instrument sounds would be the pop-synth which would later find it’s way into the hearts of early eighties electro-boogie.  This song smashed the charts and would stand as the bands most successful release to date.


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