The DJ List : Vote Now!

I have registered myself among the world class of the Dj.  The DJ list has supported Dj’s of all setups and musical genres for many years, and they are currently holding down voting for the top of the top!  So, I am pinning myself to those of you have heard me play and liked what you have heard!  Please cast a vote and lets see what happens!

If I suddenly end up “going international” and beginning to travel the corners of the earth… I’m taking you all with me!

Special thanks to Dino and the DMS for being the largest in the DJ support circle!  I continue to learn from you both – week after week – and would not be the turntablist I am now if not for you two.  Big thanks to The Albion Hotel and NV Lounge for allowing me a place to set up shop and demonstrate the years of work that went into my craft.  Many, Many, Many shout outs to the constant support system from you the dancers and stompers!  Without you, there is no ShiKing.

Peace, love and always respect


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