6 Ways To Round Up Your Records

As a vinyl-collecting-wax-jock-audiophile, I am well aware the day will come when I am no longer playin’ in clubs, warehouses, festivals, or  even at home in the studio.  As sad as that was to write, it’s meant to be and I am at peace with moving forward without the Saturday night, record bag carrying,  hullabaloo.

So what to do with those records??  I mean seriously… this is a huge part of my life and living space!


Keeping them in some dark and musty home storage space seems disrespectful.  Using them as some sort of beer pong paddle, bookend or drink coaster is NOT happening.  The idea of letting them go by way of garaging sale peddling would depreciate the value  I placed on them in my heart, and not a la price tag.  Maybe I will sell some of the ones that were used as dj tools or I have just whipped to death over the years and can no longer stand to look at.

But I would like to appreciate them and also make them look cool cause they were soooo cool.

So, with some peaking here and there, I have found 6 excellent ways to display your record and dress your pad up with some disc jockey 2010 swag.


  • Record Display Frames Lots of different frame styles exist today, from sleek, ultra modern thin frames to the traditional matted frame look. Prices vary.
  • Play and Display Flip Frame From Art Vinyl. These frames open up easily so that you can play your favorite records or change up your art display frequently. $55 each
  • Hanging clips Create as big of a composition as your space can take with a custom hanging clip display system that you make. Prices vary.
  • Painted wall or wall paper treatment However you choose to get your records on the wall, set them apart by creating a background to tie the collection altogether. This can be done as simply as painting another wall color behind them or even using wallpaper.
  • Magazine Racks While not every magazine rack will be able to hold a record successfully, it certainly is an interesting alternative to shelves! Look for racks that can accomodate the size of the record without damaging it.
  • Plastic Tile Trim We came across this instructables project and thought it was a great idea for hanging a record collection. We love how you can slide your records in and out of the trim as you want to listen to them!

See?  Sudden relief sets in as you have come to realize your babies don’t have to grow up, get their license, borrow the car keys and take off for the Mexican border!   They will stay safely perched on your new and improved accent wall that always seemed sort of ridiculous until now!  DISCLAIMER:  Please make sure you are truly ready to let your prized Donny Hathaway Live @ the Blue Note hit the walls; buried under matting or pewter.


2 Comments to “6 Ways To Round Up Your Records”

  1. Nice to see ya tonight.
    Is that a picture of your record collection?

  2. Sam! Nice to see you too! I look forward to working together again! Those are just some random pics I found while surfing. I would love if they were all mine…. kind of looks like the library at CFRU 🙂

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