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Coffee table eye catcher

Artist Bio
Jeff Davis, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, designs furniture, museum installations and stage sets, and provides new uses for unplayable records and other found objects.

This one-of-a-kind book cover is designed using authentic vintage LP album covers. No two covers are alike. The cool paper is made with 100 percent recovered cotton denim, harvested from several denim clothing manufacturers in the U.S. Keep your autographs, sketches, favorite recipes and menus, article ideas, innermost thoughts, and more. Pops easily into a backpack or briefcase.

Wrist wax

Artist Bio
Meg Musick-Makely is a serious collector of vintage records and now produces things that are made from them.

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It’s been said that all great art begins with an accident. Such was the case with Meg Musick-Makely and her line of Vintage Vinyl products.A few years back, Musick-Makely’s then-pre-teen daughter dropped and cracked one of her favorite 33-1/3 records. Instead of getting mad, she got to work. While cutting out the label she instantly saw the shape of a bracelet and proceeded to make it into one. When people kept asking her where she got that cool bracelet, she found herself filling orders.

Bracelets crafted from authentic rock vinyl records from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Fits any size wrist.

Imagine Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore sculpting this...



Artist Bio
Jeff Davis – See Above

Jeff Davis’ bowls, made from vintage 33 rpm vinyl records, put the right spin on entertaining. Use them to serve fruit, pretzels, wrapped candies, or to hold a small bowl of dip surrounded by chips. A mylar seal protects each record label and seals the spindle hole in the center. Do not use them to hold liquids or hot items.

*****Because the bowls are made from limited quantities of unplayable records, we can’t fill orders for specific artists.*****

To care for vinyl bowls, wash by hand with warm, soapy water. Do not place on or near extreme heat–stovetops, radiators or microwave ovens.

Buddy Holly was well ahead of his time with Rock Around The Clock


Artist Bio
Jeff Davis – See Above

Rock around the clock with this clever timepiece, made from a recycled 45 rpm vinyl record mounted on an acrylic stand by vintage vinyl artist Jeff Davis. The numerals are cut out of the record and the hands are held securely by an authentic spindle adapter. One AA battery provided. Available with rock labels only.

Yep…. this is how I have been spending a sunny, bright but humid Cornwall afternoon.  Shopping for Eco friendly record explosions.  I really dig the Led Zepplin bracelet.  Not for myself to wear (unless maybe to flaunt as an anklet or if I had doubles that could deflect bullets) but as a thoughtful themed gift for she who is of the audiophile persussion.  The bracelet pictured is by artist Meg Musik Makely (RUBBISH REINCARNATED). 


 Believe it or not, several million pounds of POST CONSUMER vinyl is recycled each year from sources such as carpet backing, medical products, windows and house siding, shipping or product packaging and yes, your friendly neighbourhood dancefloor produced record.  Vinyl can be recycled into items such as  pipe, window frames, electrical boxes, cooling tower fill, just to name a few. The largest use for recycled flexible vinyl scrap is garden hoses (c’mon, we all hum or whistle when we are watering our plants… who knew we could be subconciously chiming a track that was used for the hose!!).
Other uses include floor mats (for your car), pool liners, shoe soles (walking on sunshine), and products such as notebooks and checkbook covers (How ironic). So, if you are truly tired of your unlimited collection of beauties, bombers and WTF was I thinking records, then recycle, recycle, recycle!  It says here the annual and overall amount of post-consumer recycled vinyl is small compared to the total amount of vinyl produced…. so do your part when you are ready to part. 🙂