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The Kaelin Cleanse – Day 4 – Braaaaaaains….

Friday afternoon and I am sitting on the couch making sure the ass pot hole  I have been slowly developing in the cushion is still befitting of my derrière. I have come across this hilarious video courtesy of old friend Allison Smith.  Before we begin with the Day 4 run down, watch this video.  Please be aware from some nasty language, but honestly she is mint.  Can;t decide if she is crazy or just crazy funny.

“You must commit to the face!”

Day 4

  • Wake up early and feel absolutely horrible.  This is the same gut issue I keep having.  Not Diverticulitis
  • Ravara is amazing and brings me another miracle shake in bed.
  • Kisses and hugs from the little man before he embarks on his grade 1 school day
  • Body is really sore and bloated and feeling shitty.  This again, has nothing to do with the cleanse.
  • Feeling totally out of it and forgetful
  • have a couple of water bottles near by (sorry again… sort of) and to make sure I keep drinking lots and lots
  • Snacking is totally acceptable but just not a necessary as I am shake full
  • Sleep into the afternoon… better than pain
  • Dreams have been amusing.  Had a dream that my friend Andre owned arub & tug, and was happily making time with the staff
  • Middle of the afternoon now and time for shake two
  • Of note : The deal is 2 shakes per day and one solid meal.  The shakes are not specific to time, but I have chosen breakfast and lunch and dinner for the meal as to dine with my cleanse partner.
  • More on the shake :
  1. Name : IsaLean Shake
  2. Natural creamy vanilla
  3. 23 grams of undenatured whey and casein protein from New Zealand
  4. This powder substance is basically proteins, carbs, and fat
  5. 8 ounces of purified water and two scoops of raisins in Kello…. whoops… 2 scoops of IsaLean then BAMMO.  Shake time.  Drink within 10 minutes of creation.
  • Dinner tonight is steamed spinach, julienned carrots, onions and red peppers.  6 Jumbo shrimp lightly Sautée’d with olive oil, lemon and cracked pepper.
  • Following dinner is some homework and Nintendo DS video gaming with the boy child.  Plants vs Zombies is so f’ing cool
  • Bed time… sort of… lying around dying to sleep
  • Late night veggie grazing … damn.
While grazing I think it’s time to play a little DS on my own.  Liam is great to play with, but he really only wants me to annihilate the walking dead and pass levels so he can move on.  I feel very used.  Therefore while he is fast asleep, dreaming of hubba bubba chewing gum and pokemon cards, I am going to blast through a few levels on my own and celebrate my most awesomeness.
Suffered defeat on first level attempt and went to bed frustrated.