The Kaelin Cleanse – Day 2

So, here I am again burning some sort of midnight oil.  I have had trouble sleeping all week… not sure if this is relative to the detox or not as I assumed the problem would be the exact opposite.  Which, to some degree, is true.  I find during the day I am low energy and a few times I have experienced a bit of a headache.   Oh well, wish I could get to a sleeping schedule; one with regular hours that fit seamlessly in with the rest of the humans I hang out with 🙂


  • Wake up at 8:30am.  Begin watching cartoons with offspring.
  • Food substances again will include raw veggies, fruits, nuts, and the drinks that leave that weird film in the bottom of the mug
  • Really like the flavor of the tea drink… wondering what it would taste like with Vodka.
  • Once again, no meals for the day, just grazing and snacking
  • Drinking a ton of water again today.  For only having slept 5 hours I feel great and haven’t felt the need to lie down yet
  • 1pm arrives and lie down for a mini-nap
  • Of note, today’s feeds have included  cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, mini-carrots with some humus, banana’s, almonds (about 10 at a time) and broccoli.
  • Up for the rest of the day and out and about with the family.
  • Starting to feel a bit of a headache but overall body feels good and I am by no means starving
  • Asleep by 11:30pm – midnight(ish)
So far so fun!  Missing cheeseburgers.

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