Located in the right hand column, the “Categories” drop down menu allows for a quick path to what you want to read or view the most.  For example, if you are interested in the profiling of a local Guelph artisan, then select “MUG SHOTS”.  As the days pass and more information is logged to this blog site, it will make the process much easier to read as opposed to scrolling down, down, down (to a ring of fire)…


Also located within the right hand column (Beneath “Categories”), the “Email Subscription” button allows you to sign your life away to email swag in the form of an update. I would be honoured to have you keeping up so please connect with me, the music, and the good peeps in Guelph’s underground.


I am also working to promote and support the Guelph underground scene so feel free to add me or check me on TWITTER as well as feed me info so I can big up you and your project!


Please feel free to email me you web links and I will happily post them!  As the viewership of this site picks up steam, more people will look to your links as a way to feed their networking circles.  Criteria:  You must have some link to the underground culture.  ex: www.baselinestudios.com.


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